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Pics of Hungary and Czech from my last trip

Been promising them for ages, but here they are:

First stop was Budapest. Would have liked to stay a day more, but we were on a schedule:

 photo 3326bb06-4b99-4e3d-b5d9-7eefaa890c7e_zps1f8642ae.jpg

 photo L1020761_zpse51692d4.jpg

Danube photo L1020671_zpscd832455.jpg

 photo L1020673_zps8dfa9b32.jpg

Then we took the night train to Prague. It's NOT the most restful thing in the world, but a great timesaver.

 photo L1030098_zps37427665.jpg

 photo L1030007_zps50823a91.jpg

 photo L1020991_zpse31d7273.jpg

 photo L1020988_zps39ccc302.jpg

 photo L1020982_zps1305044f.jpg

 photo L1020934_zpsb76dc91c.jpg

 photo L1020931_zpsb753b4f9.jpg

 photo L1020810_zps0a91a21c.jpg

 photo L1020783_zps53a0b8aa.jpg

There was a overnight trip out of Prague to a scenic town called Cesky Krumlov:

 photo L1020884_zps2f0b35f5.jpg

 photo L1020846_zps40e88f36.jpg

 photo L1020845_zps5a1f1725.jpg

And a day trip over to a tiny town called Kutna Hora, simply because I wanted to see the Ossuary there.

 photo L1030084_zps043f4c3c.jpg

 photo L1030062_zpsdd46bc63.jpg

 photo L1030050_zpsb6532528.jpg

 photo L1030044_zps404c219c.jpg

 photo L1030029_zps5edd1138.jpg

 photo L1030027_zps281004a5.jpg

 photo L1030023_zps1883fcf1.jpg

 photo L1030020_zps9fc2adf7.jpg
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Gorgeous pics!
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Those are just stunning!