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sabriel ([personal profile] sabriel) wrote2015-02-15 11:04 am

Happy Valentine's Day?

Back in Canada for approximately a week and a half, and of course I get hit but a cold 4th day in. And having more trouble with the jetlag then usual....though this is probably just me getting old.

One of the things I always do is try to bake something (I have access to an oven in Taiwan, but I don't quite trust it to work properly).

Baking project#1 this year:

It turned out rather well, especially this is the first time I tried a proper cake. A bit crumbly at the edges but not too dry overall and very chococlatey~
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+waves north+
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Mmmmm. <3 That looks delicious and I ALWAYS love cake that's chocolatey. Share recipe?
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Mmm. I can't wait to try this. Thanks! <3