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I still trawl occasionally as I think it's still one of the biggest repositories of fanfic, but it's known as the pit of voles for good reason. While there are some really good gems there, it takes far too much time to skim through.

Lately, I've been trawling through common tags on Delicious and bookmarks in AO3 in the theory that if someone bookmarks it, that person must have enjoyed the fic in some way, and maybe I will too.

Where and how else do you find good fic to read?
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I have been oddly depressed on and off since shortly before New Years. So I'm taking a plurk vacation, which means theoretically I should post here more.

Except that I ended up spending the entire weekend replaying ff8 on my psp. Triple Triad is too addicting for its own good.

Well, mostly. I've also reading new fanfics, thanks to [personal profile] selarne reccing a lot of them. (And I will note that I am not REALLY in all of the below fandoms. But I read well-recced things that catch my interest if I am even the tiniest bit familiar with the base material. And then start diving into that fandom headfirst. IE. Transformers.)

Writing With Chopsticks by [ profile] rebecca_selene
When the Emperor recruits Mulan to help China in the aftermath of the Hun attack, Mulan finds that more people than not want to box her into a woman's "honorable" role. She's having none of it.
Mulan/Shang. This is a really nice, realistic look at WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. With matchmaking emperor to boot.

Sherlock (BBC)
The Internet is not just for Porn by [ profile] cyerus
John is Sherlock's internet boyfriend - from Canada.
Sherlock/John. Absolutely hilarious AU in which Sherlock finds another use for the internet.

Star Trek XI
Dear Daddy by [ profile] jessofthebugs
A series of letters to and from Joanna McCoy
Kirk/McCoy, Joanna/OC, Sulu/Chekov. Written in letter format by Joanna McCoy to her daddy, her Vulcan penpal (OC) and various people on the Enterprise, this is probably the CUTEST thing I've read in ages with some absolutely hilarious parts in between.

Avengers (2012)
Late Delivery by [ profile] tsukinofaerii
When Tony was little, he once wrote a letter to Santa begging for the one thing he wanted most in the world. What Tony didn't know is that Santa always delivers... eventually.
Steve/Tony. Tony Stark is a FANBOY.

Chronicles of Narnia/Temeraire
Unquenchable Fire by [ profile] rthstewart
In 1942, the Royal Air Force is looking for a few good girls and boys.
Where London is the London of Naomi Novik's Temeraire, Eustace's experience onboard the Dawn Treader gives him new options.

Pride and Prejudice
>A Long Engagement, or the Improvement of Human Reason, as illustrated in the long and tortuous courtship of Edward Bennet, squire, and Philadelphia, Lady Darcy by [ profile] hele and [ profile] Tulina
'Well,' said Edward, uncomfortable, but knowing he could not avoid making the invitation now, 'I would consider it an honour if Lady Darcy would accept my hand for this dance.' She would surely reject him now, and he could not say he was entirely unhappy about it; he had no desire to dance with her.

She surprised him -- she dropped in a small curtsey, and said, 'Thank you, sir, it would be a pleasure.'

Genderbent Darcy/Elizabeth, Bingley/Jane. I've read other genderbent fics before, this is probably the most refreshing and new version, one that doesn't just re-use the plot of the original novel.


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